About Us:

The days I don't wear makeup, I don't really plan on leaving the house. It almost feels as if I am not good enough to be seen. My friends have told me how pretty I am without it, but I think they are just saying it because they are close to me.

I put on my glasses, as a disguise to suffice for the face, which is solely my own uniqueness, covering it from the world.

It's those days, I just say f@#k you to the battle I have to face the other six days of the week. For that one day I get to tell the world to be quiet, most of the time this happens on Sundays.

For 24 hours, I don't have to prove to anyone my intelligence based on my hair color, or hide the curves of my body. There are no makeup fades, requiring multiple re-applications. The sneaking to the bathroom with eyeliner in hand gets old real quick.

I always wondered what it would be like to not wear mascara on the other six days. What would people think or say about my invisible eyelashes. It actually feels heavenly though not to have black glue stuck to my eyelids.

I could bite my nails, and no one would know how goddamn nervous I am all the time, and I wouldn't have to put my fingers under my butt to hide my chipped manicure.

I could stay in my gym clothes and feel like I worked out, even if I didn't, but I probably did. It's how I feel better about eating the last cupcake right?

I don't like taking pictures. My Instagram is bare, because I always thought I was prettier in real life.

I know this struggle is not only in my life, but in every girl reading this no matter where in the world they woke up.

Some days I feel entirely confident, while other days it is silenced, by every little battle and challenge that has taken over.

Maybe that's why I keep fighting, because I know I'm not alone in this battle, and I think change in this area would be a pretty cool thing.

- NuMe

As we hold our stance in the beauty industry, we at NuMe understand how the battle can defeat you on so many occasions. We believe that instilling confidence in young women is the greatest step of achievement that drives our passion to change the world.