Signature Dryer

Signature Dryer

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Nobody wants to leave the house with flat, wet hair - or worse, with fried, frizzy hair. With NuMe's Signature Series Hair Dryer, you'll never have to do that again. Designed to bring ease and luxury to the process of drying your hair, our dryer delivers salon quality blowouts with minimal effort on your end. Infrared Heat Technology helps you achieve faster results with 40% less drying time than the average dryer, while Negative Ion Technology naturally cleanses and refreshes hair, maximizing shine and eliminating frizz.

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Signature Dryer 4.5 out of 1 5 based on 19 ratings. 19 user reviews.
Fantastic Dryer! Review by Lats
I just got this dryer 3 days ago, I used it last night on ma moms hair n its amazing works wonders. Dries fast, straighten your hair roots instantly! Love me some #Numeproducts (Posted on 10/17/14)
Must Have! - ShowThemClassy Review by ShowThemClassy
I'm loving this dryer! I have had it going on 1 yr and could not be more pleased! The attachments that come with the dryer make blowing out my curly hair straight with a round brush a breeze. It takes no where near the time other dryers I have owned. I just recently purchased the diffuser as well! It enables me to scrunch my medium length thick hair in no time into lovely curls. Would highly recommend this dryer! (Posted on 9/15/14)
Best Hair Dryer Ever Review by SparklePrincess
I bought this blow dryer only because I first bought a flat iron from Nume and I feel in love with it. It then made me want to try more products so I bought the Titan 3 and it is amazing. Needless to say Nume's products have been phenomenal so I had to just have the blow dryer to complete my set. My hair dries so fast in under 15 minutes. I have long and extremely thick hair. It is a big time saver and it makes my hair feel so soft and shiny. I use their Argan Oil with it and it works wonders. My concentration nozzles did pop off but I contacted Nume and they sent me replacements with no hassle and now they stay right on. Thank you so much! You company and products are amazing!!! (Posted on 9/9/14)
Worth The Money! Review by JY
I recently purchased two of these because of the 2 for $120 deal, which is amazing!

I am used to using professional hair dryers like the Elchim Pro ones and those run about $100 each even when you ask salons to help you order.

I had my doubts about this dryer because of a few negative reviews but the colors were so appealing and I am in love with the blue Nume products. Plus, the reason why I purchased 2 more hair dryers was because my brothers didn't have their own and they always take mine. I thought, if I didn't like it then I'll just give it to them because its not like they have a lot hair and they don't need a high pressure blow dryer.

Surprisingly, I really like this hair dryer! It is heavy but I am used to it because all professional hair dryers have some weight to it. What I was a bit surprised about was the weight that came with the size. It looks a bit skinnier than my elchim hair dryer but it weighs about the same. I also saw comments about the placement of the buttons. I don't mind that because, again, the pro hair dryer I have is the exact same way. I simple place my fingers in between the buttons. It's not too hard. I also noticed that it is not as loud as my elchim. It is a TINY bit softer.

Over all, I am in love with this hair dryer. It's definitely worth the money. I think all girls should invest in a good quality hair dryer. No one likes to dry their hair for twice the time than they need to. Plus, I would say this hair dryer is on par with the high-end professional hair dryers and it's only half the price.
(Posted on 5/16/14)
SO GREAT Review by Lauren
I have thick coarse curly hair, and prefer to have it straight and it usually takes forever and is still not as straight but with this hair dryer, i have the straightest smoothest hair ever. Love it, worth the money ! (Posted on 5/9/14)
Love This Hair Dryer Review by Joy
My hair is thin but I have a lot of it, and it usually takes me about 30 min to blow dry my hair. So my hair looks fried after blow drying so I just never did it. I love this blow dryer it only takes 4 min now and my hair looks healthy! I love to blow dry my hair now! (Posted on 4/18/14)
Best Hair Dryer Review by Jackie
I got this hair dryer a couple of months ago after getting a discount code from Ipsy, and it has literally been the BEST hairdryer I have ever used. My hair is very thick and long and it use to take me over an hour to dry my hair completely, but with this one, it takes me no more than 10 minutes :) super happy I bought it! (Posted on 4/17/14)
Works wonders! Review by Antonia
I have very long, frizzy and thick hair. If I let it air dry, I look like I've been electrocuted. I used to have to run a straightener over my hair after blowdrying, but not with the Nume dryer. Not only does it dry my hair really quickly, it also makes it look so glossy and shiny that now I can throw my old straightening iron in the bin. (Posted on 4/16/14)
Love my dryer but.... Review by SandyS
I love this dryer but for some odd reason the nozzles don't fit and keep popping off. Thinking about sending it back :-/ (Posted on 4/1/14)
Good but... Review by Lulu
I love the blow dryer the problem is that the nozzles pop up they dont stay put that i dont like please help!!! (Posted on 3/28/14)
Looks great, but disappointed Review by Tanhome
In appearance, this dryer is stunningly beautiful. However, it is noticeably heavier than any other hair dryer I've ever owned or used before. The design of the control buttons is poorly thought out. I hold my dryer by the hand base where the setting buttons are, and I literally fought with this dryer the first and only time I used it. Where my hand is supposed to grip, my fingers constantly were switching off the power and heat control buttons by accident due to the design. I have never encountered this as a problem before with any other blow dryer, but it was rather annoying to say the least. I have thin, fine hair and when I was done drying, it left my hair very sleek and silky feeling, but that's not what I was going for. I was hoping for more volume and it def didn't deliver that. I didn't find the drying time to be cut down whatsoever either. I was super disappointed after spending so much money on this product. I have purchased other NuMe products in the past and there's no doubt that they have quality products that are made well and deliver the goods....for me, this was a total bust! (Posted on 3/22/14)
dries well but LOUD and HEAVY Review by Lulu
I enjoy using my dryer but I have to say that it is incredibly LOUD. I finally bought some ear plugs to wear when I use this dryer. I also believe the design could be better. I find that the toggle switches seem to be a poor design; they are so easily pressed, I find that when I am drying my hair I often press them unintentionally and either turn the dryer off or change the temperature. It is impossible to wrap your hand around it without hitting the switches. A slide-operating switch would be far better. The dryer is also very heavy. (Posted on 3/22/14)
love this blowdryer Review by mermaid marie
love this item but the concentrators do not stay on the barrel at all they just slide right off (Posted on 3/15/14)
Love, Love, Love Review by Saundra
I too had my doubts about this blow dryer. I have wavy, extremely frizzy, super long hair and I had come to the conclusion I was stuck with bad hair for the rest of my life. I saw this blow dryer watching my favorite youtube beauty guru and loved what it did to her hair that is similar to mine. I was convinced it was too good to be true. I looked at this dryer, all the reviews I could find, and video reviews for 4 months before I finally decided I had nothing really to use. I needed a new dryer anyway. Not only did it blow my hair super fast, silky and straight, my husbands mind was blown as well. Now he begs me to blow dry my hair. Hes always liked my hair but nothing compares to the way he looks at me now after I dry it. A huge confidence boost for me!! I recommend this dryer to anybody looking for a solution to their unmanageable hair. This is the hope youve been looking for! Worth every penny! (Posted on 2/19/14)
I used this hair dryer... Review by Lindsay
I used this hair dryer for the first time yesterday. I was AMAZED at how fast it dried my hair and how soft it made my hair. what would normally take 45 minutes-hour to blow out my hair took 10 minutes. It was not frizzy at all either. This dryer is so worth the investment! Save yourself some money by buying the beach hair bundle! (Posted on 5/23/13)
I had my doubts that... Review by Keeley
I had my doubts that this hair dryer would improve my hairs health but it did. I have very dry over processed hair and have tried a lot of hair products with minimal results. I love this hair dryer. (Posted on 5/21/13)
I have naturally thick... Review by Cindy
I have naturally thick wavy hair. It would take me 1/2 hour blow drying my hair with two regular blow driers to get my hair mostly dried. With this new dryer I can dry my hair with one hand and scrunching my hair using the other hand. My hair is dried in15 minutes. Amazing results can not fathom how it does what it does. Great and I mean GREAT dryer. (Posted on 4/28/13)
I'm so in love with my... Review by Kim from San Diego
I'm so in love with my new hair dryer!! I got the blue color and the picture on here doesn't do the color justice! It's a matte metallic blue almost purplish blue sometimes and it's gorgeous. I was able to blow dry my long hair straight in about 15 minutes total. I really recommend it! It's amazing. So in love :) (Posted on 3/4/13)
I love this hair dryer... Review by Anat
I love this hair dryer gets my bleached blond hair dry fast and smoothly give it a healthy shiny look. great product !!!! Totally recommended !! (Posted on 2/26/13)
  • NuMe's Signature Series Hair Dryer packs a powerful punch. Utilizing a ceramic grill, Negative Ion Technology and Infrared Heat Therapy, this dryer minimizes damage to your hair while evenly drying it, delivering healthy, salon-quality results in 40% less time than most other hair dryers. It uses 1875 watts of power to dry your hair quickly, quietly, and evenly: settings include two speeds, three heat settings, and a cool shot button, along two heat concentrators to guide heat where your hair needs it the most, drying the hair cuticle from the inside out for smooth, professional looking results. It is available in 5 fashion-forward shades with a soft touch finish, protecting your hair tool from scratches and dents should you ever drop it.

  • Specifications
      Our dryers are not dual voltage. If you live outside North and South America please select Black or Turquoise to ensure you receive a Dryer with the proper voltage.


      US Plug (A)
    • Dual voltage not available
    • Voltage: 125V 60Hz
    • Power: 1875W
    • ETL certified

    • Europlug (E)
    • Black and Turquoise only
    • Dual voltage not available
    • Voltage: 220-240V 50Hz
    • Power: 1800-2000W
    • CE certified

    • 8 x 9 x 3-1/2"
    • Opening: 1-1/2"
    • Cord length: 8' 9"
    • Total unit weight: 3 lb. 10 oz.

    • Ceramic, Negative Ion Technology
    • Infrared Heat Technology
    • 3-Temp heat/cool setting control
    • 2-Speed setting control
    • Cold shot button
    • Two concentrators, different sizes
    • LED light to display the stage of operation
    • Incredible weightlessness effect
    • Powerful AC Motor