Titan 3

Titan 3

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Seduce your hair into a variety of alluring, long-lasting curls with the Titan 3. This curling wand features three interchangeable barrels made with 100% pure Titanium, guaranteeing that your curls hold fast throughout your daily routine. The three sizing options - 19mm, 25mm and 32mm - allow for complete versatility: you can mix and match the barrels, opting for one style, or layer different sized curls for optimal glamour and drama.

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Titan 3 4.9 out of 1 5 based on 55 ratings. 55 user reviews.
A miracle worker! Review by Mehera
I would like to start by saying that I have extremely long and thick hair. I've tried multiple curling irons and wands, all with no success. My hair simply won't curl, and if it does, it's flattened to waves within a half-an-hour. I recieved the Nume Titan 3 as a birthday present a few days ago, and let me tell you, IT IS A MIRACLE WORKER. The curls stayed very well, even without hair spray, which is saying something with my stubborn hair. They even stayed after sleeping in them! I love the product, the only complaint that I have is when I first plugged it in, it said 'err', even after leaving it for a while. I tried it a couple days later and it worked just fine, displaying the temperature as it heated up. I don't know why it happened, but it hasn't happened since. It may have been the outlet I plugged it into. Either way, I'd give it a 9/10, 5 stars. I would definately purchase it again. It's a little bit spendy, but completely worth it! :) (Posted on 10/20/14)
AMAZING!! Review by Alejandra
I absolutely LOVE this product. I always get compliments on my hair. With the finishing serum makes my hair super shiny and soft. My curls last all day and night and even the next day. You have to buy the Titan 3 curling iron. (Posted on 10/12/14)
LOVE IT ❤️ Review by Kimmy
I have naturally pin straight hair, which never holds curls. I decided to try this curling wand. Not only does it curl my hair very well, but my curls hold for at least two days. I ordered at 11 pm on a Wednesday night and I got he wand on Friday afternoon. I was impressed by the fast shipping and the quality of the curling iron. I would definitely recommend. (Posted on 10/12/14)
Amazing Review by Gi
I curled my hair last night with this wand and it still curly ..in love with this wand set ..such a must bave (Posted on 10/6/14)
Awesome!!!!!! Review by Lyuba
I saw a tutorial that Irene Mahmud Khan did, and she used TITAN 3, had to order the same day... got it in less then a week, and tried the same day.... let me tell you, i never even imagined that it would be so easy to curl my hair.. i owned a lot of curling irons before, and never none of those irons made my curls look so beautiful, not even when i got my hair done in the salon... i would never use another curling iron... Thanks Irene!!! NUME TITAN 3 rocks!!!! (Posted on 10/5/14)
A Must Have Review by SparklePrincess
So I swear that every beauty youtuber has this and it made me want it even more. I love that is has multiple sizes. You can go from small tight mermaid curls, to sexy beach waves, to romantic curls. And the best part is that your curls will literally last for days. I highly recommend this! It is a must have for girls who want that constant change in hair style because this set can do so much! (Posted on 10/2/14)
Loving itt! Review by Meils
Every girl who loves curly hair needs one of these! (Posted on 9/24/14)
❤️ Review by Lorena
Seriously the best curling set I've ever purchased. I love how every time I put the wand on top of my bathroom counter the barrel never touches the surface. The titanium leaves my hair really shinny and soft, I had people compliment my hair already cause it looks really healthy... Which in my opinion is not that heathy... I guess this wand makes your hair look healthy. Though one thing, my Titan 3 set came instead of the temperature being on Fahrenheit it came in Celsius.... Its kinda of annoying cause I'm used to Fahrenheit. I live in New York and it came in 5 days! (Posted on 9/17/14)
Amazing !!! Review by Maggie0587
I have never curled my hair , I have very thick hair , it was almost impossible for me to curl , it would take forever , my curls wouldn't hold.I had given up after trying several curling Irons.I decide to buy the titan 3 after reading great reviews about it.I finally found a curling iron that works on me , it gives me beautiful soft curls , and the shine it leaves in my hair is beautiful , you must buy it you wont regeret it. (Posted on 6/25/14)
Amazing! Review by Shannon
Bought this after reading many positive reviews. So glad I did! I can't use a clamp to save my life, so this iron has been a game changer! It's so easy to use! The only thing is my curls didnt hold all day, but I think it's because I used a cheap hairspray. Amazing iron! I definitely recommend!! (Posted on 6/14/14)
Fast + Easy Review by Val
I used to spend $35 a day getting my hair done at work, not anymore. This wand is wonderful because of the options with the barrels and the many things you can do with a wand (ie curls, beach waves, tights ringlets). It's such an awesome wand I've had it stolen in our dressing room and recovered it sometime later! (Posted on 6/5/14)
Love it! Review by Pookie
I'm 5 feet 8 inches tall my hair is half way down my butt and heavy. No other curling iron would curl my hair. Until I found Nume Titan 3. I love that it's lightweight (after all my hair is thick and heavy) heats up fast and best of all my curls last up to 2 days. It's worth every penny. You won't regret it!'! (Posted on 5/15/14)
Best curling wand EVER! Review by HairCrazy
I have never been able to actually curl my hair with any other product. Thank you Titan 3 for actually curlingy hair!bit heats up really fast and gets the curls done in in seconds. My hair (which is extremely long) literally take about 12mins. (Posted on 5/7/14)
Must have Review by Mzloan
I got the color in pink. It kind of look similar to fuchsia. I didn't mind because it's really pretty. I agree the barrels are hard to detach. Some people say wiggle it but that doesn't work for me. I push on the buttons and yank it apart. It comes off the first time. I love how it heats up quickly. If you press on the up button while holding it you can change the setting to Fahrenheit instead of Celsius. I love this wand because it allows my hair to stay curly all day even onto the next day. And I had never had a curling iron do that before. (Posted on 4/25/14)
Good product Review by PoukieHyukie
It's amazing and it heats really fast! (Posted on 4/24/14)
Must have tool in every stylist kit Review by Michelle
This tool is amazing!! It heats up in seconds, very easy to use. Comes with a heat protectant glove. Leaves your hair much softer with shiny appearance. This tool is very versatile offering different size barrels to give the perfect curl your looking for. I love it! (Posted on 4/21/14)
LOVE IT! Review by nohemy
It's Amazing!
My curls last all day and it heats up really fast.
(Posted on 4/21/14)
Cute and curly Review by Tay Tay
I love this product so much and it feels like your hair is less damaged than it actually is!! (Posted on 4/12/14)
Great...but Review by Sam
This is a great product. However, I've been having problems getting barrels off. I push both of the buttons, but the barrel still won't come off... Help! (Posted on 4/4/14)
Well.. Review by Jane
It's extremely difficult to attach/detach the wands. Otherwise the curling iron itself works well and gives your curls a nice shine. (Posted on 4/4/14)
Curling wand YESSS Review by Lay
I loved this curling wands espically if u have super straight hair like me it will curl quickly and the result throughout the day is amazing (Posted on 3/30/14)
Please bring back the turquoise color :( Right when I was about to order it this weekend, it becomes sold out. And please don't make these colors limited edition for spring, we all LOVE these colors and would love to buy these all year round, or at least me that is. (Posted on 3/27/14)
Best curling every Review by kammie28
I really love the titan 3 curling. It heats up very fast. Not like others that take forever. My hair was curl up in less than 15 mins. I told all my friends about this curling iron. Plus I told all my veiwers on youtube too. I will be buying more of ur products soon. (Posted on 3/25/14)
Magic Review by Lexy
So satisfied with the product this is no ordinary curling wand its magic! (Posted on 3/25/14)
Beautiful! Review by Mandie
Received my package in the fastest time! I am in love with how well this trio curls my hair. It leaves it so soft but still holds a curl. The interchanging was a bit difficult at first, but you can get the hang of it. My favorite is the 32mm, such big and pretty curls. (Posted on 3/22/14)
Good prouduct Review by Fabulous
Love it way to much I have straight hair and this prouduct leaves my hair so curly even sometimes for days. (Posted on 3/12/14)
Fabulous Review by Trulyyours11111
I absolutely love this product it is amazing!! I'm a first time user of a wand and it did it instantly! Love love love it!! I totally recommend! I'm in love! (Posted on 3/10/14)
Love it! Review by Fashion Lover
I think i'm in love with this thing! It curls my hair beautifully! I love it TOO much! (Posted on 3/9/14)
Best wand ever Review by Sssarah
I had very very thick, frizzy , hair and this helped alot!! I actually works !! And makes your hair look glamorizz subscribe to my youtube plz: xxgisselgorgeousxx (Posted on 3/7/14)
Awesome Review by Ally
So amazing and life changing! (Posted on 3/4/14)
this is by far the best wand i have ever used. th Review by yeyme
this is amazing !!!! i have thick hair and i always took like 1 whole hour to curl my hair with a regular curler (by the end of the day i had flat hair), but this amazing wand has done miracles to my hair, the time that i need to curl my hair never exceeds more than 20 minutes, and i have lots and lots of thick hair, by the way no hairspray is needed, the curls last the whole day and never loose their texture. By far the best thing that i purchased for my hair. LOVE IT!!!!!! (Posted on 3/3/14)
Wow! Review by Alicia
I have thick, curly, frizzy, wavy, problem hair! Before discovering this product, I would have to use so much heat and hairspray to get a curl, only for it to fall flat an hour later! :( This product was the only one to curl my hair so quickly and the curls actually lasted into the next day without needing to refresh it or use a lot of hairspray! I absolutely love this wand...miracle product!! (Posted on 2/28/14)
Nice...but... Review by Ruby from Hong Kong
I Just received and tried immediately! It heat up really fast, I like how the 32mm barrel makes the beautiful curls...love it! But....the packing looks differently from some of the youtuber shows, also...the handle didn't show the "3-in-One" printing...I'm sure its not fake but feel strange (maybe its the new design)... Over all....I LOVE IT~ =) (Posted on 2/27/14)
Best wand ever Review by Mariah
I think this is like one of the best hair tools that I have EVER purchased. I love everything about this wand. It heats up super fast, it makes beautiful curls and waves, and it was a great price. Everything about this wand is perfect. My only complaint would be that its kind of difficult to change the barrels. You have to do a bit of tugging to get a barrel off and I'm always that I might break the prongs that hold them in place while pulling. (Posted on 2/22/14)
I LOVE IT!!!! curled my... Review by Claudia
I LOVE IT!!!! curled my hair in less than 20 minutes when usually it would take me 40. Makes my hair look flawles. Im so in love, so happy with my purchase. (Posted on 11/13/13)
The titan 3 is awesome.... Review by Marie LeJeune
The titan 3 is awesome. I have stick straight hair and have tried every product under the sun and NOTHING has curled my hair EVER. I bought this thinking it woud work either since my hair will not curl. I was shocked and amazed at how well this curled my ahir and curls lasted ALL day not just 5 min. I highly recomend this wand.. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! (Posted on 10/22/13)
Love this wand! I was... Review by Rebekah
Love this wand! I was always looking for an easier way because I was terrible at curling my hair with curling irons, spent a good chunk of money on hot rollers that didn't give me what I was going for. I gave up and always wore it straight! Til I heard about Nume from my favorite youtube beauty guru Casey Holmes! The discount code was a no brainier whether to buy it or not. My only two complaints are 1. The barrels are a bit hard to change on mine I have to constantly shake and pull at it. 2. When it was manufactured, someone had put a finger print where the temperature display is and when it heats up all the way I can't see the temperature. (Posted on 10/21/13)
This was a pleasant... Review by melanie
This was a pleasant surprise! Very well made and sturdy. Every time I use it I get a lot of interest from clients.... (Posted on 10/11/13)
Honestly worth the... Review by Kathy
Honestly worth the money. Wonderful product and is amazingly well deserved 5 stars. (Posted on 9/24/13)
BEST IRON EVER!!!!!! I... Review by Kaylee
I absolutely love my Nume Titan 3! I have super long, thick hair and it used to take me over an hour to curl with traditional salon brand irons. With the Nume irons it takes as little as 15 minutes! I purchased the pearl wand, and the 25mm titanium and ceramic wand and absolutely love them! I just picked up the Titan 3 and absolutely love the 3 different sized barrels! I would definitely recommend splurging and getting a titanium wand as I own both types and prefer it. The only down sides with these irons are that while curling I sometimes hit the temperature control buttons and change the temperature on myself. The price is also very high, but worth it for the quality.
(Posted on 9/19/13)
I love this! Ordered on... Review by Jessica
I love this! Ordered on mid Monday and I recieved it early Friday. It makes my hair exactly how I want it, I barely need to use hair spray too. I have the Ombre trend in my hair so it looks so fabulous. It's kind of pricey but go google nume coupon codes and you will find one. It also has a warranty incase something happens to it. and also when I first recieved mine, it had said ERR on the digital area and I figured out that it just means that the wand isn't properpy attached onto the rest of it. Also it's kinda hard to dettach it for the first time. You kind of have to pull it very hard while pressing the two little black buttons on the side. but after that first try, it's a piece of cake. I definetely reccommed this NuMe product. =) (Posted on 9/16/13)
This product is... Review by Cynthia Delgado
This product is amazing!! It was out of stock so I couldn't wait to purchase it....so I found it on ebay for about the same price, I may have saved $50 or so but I really wanted to discount code but again I couldn't wait because I heard so much good reviews. Then I tried it for myself and I FELL IN LOVE!!! This product is a must have in your kit if your a hairstylist!!! I have the typical Hot Tools of just about every size curling iron and NONE of them give the type of curl the Titan 3 does.

When using the 32mm, I pin the curls and once i'm done I spray a light teaser spray. Then I unpin the curls and OMG amazing BIG FULL CURLS!!! Volume to the max!!! Great to tease!

When using the 25mm, I do the same but no need to pin because these are tight curls right away, I could only imagine what the smaller curling wand or the pinning would do if I pinned the curls!!

Can't wait to use my smaller wand for a more spiral look!!!
(Posted on 8/7/13)
This was the first time... Review by Sarah
This was the first time I ever used a curling wand and it is amazing! My hair is really fine and thin so my hair tends to have a hard time holding a curl but you wouldn't even know that after using this curling wand. I don't even use hairspray and the curls turn out perfectly and I love that there's 3 different barrel sizes that are interchangeable. Seriously absolutely worth it! Also its pretty easy to find discount codes for these products so definitely take the time to look for one and you'll save quite a few bucks! (Posted on 7/19/13)
Best curling iron ever!... Review by maria
Best curling iron ever! gets super hot really quick, curls last for days! amazing!!!! just be super careful because burning is super easy too and leaves ugly marks >.< (Posted on 7/9/13)
Amazing Wand! Took a bit... Review by Katye
Amazing Wand! Took a bit to get use to curling with it. My hair has such a hard time curling with regular cheap wands/irons but this one is so quick and easy and my hair holds the curls all day and night! (Posted on 6/30/13)
This iron is freakin... Review by angela
This iron is freakin awesome! I have the 32 and I've used it twice so far. the heat resistant glove is great but it can be a bit hard to feel where the end of your hair is and if your too close for too long.. you WILL feel it. that aside, my curls aren`t really "curls" but more like sexy beachy "Giselle Bunchen" waves. I slept on it overnight and in the morning needed only a slight touch up here and there and I found my hair looked better on the second day. AMAZING! I got mine at winners and didn`t know much about nume products but after reading all the rave reviews and experiencing it for myself... I say, go buy it. you won`t be disappointed. (Posted on 6/23/13)
absolutely LOVE the... Review by Rachel
absolutely LOVE the titan 3!!! It comes with 3 different size curling barrels depending how big or small you want your curls and the curls last perfectly for days and leaves your hair so silky and smooth....absolutely in love with the Titan 3!! (Posted on 6/13/13)
Seriously the best... Review by Amy
Seriously the best curling iron ever. My curls are still in tact after 2 days! And I have very fussy hair that doesn't want to do anything but be straight. LOVE it! (Posted on 3/11/13)
this wand works... Review by JessicaM
this wand works amazing!! well worth the money!! i can never get my hair to hold any type of curl and i curled my hair sat morning and it lasted allllll day of being outside in the wind i slept on it and was still amazing! AND it literally took 10 mins (( on nye w a straightener it took 2hrs!! lasted 1hr :( )) i got soooooo many compliments!! love it thanks so much!!! im placing my order for 3 more products!!! :) and my friends are already placing thier orders!!! (Posted on 3/5/13)
i got my nume Titan 3... Review by Quinn
i got my nume Titan 3 and it is AMAZING i love love love it. Shipped quickly and works like a dream. ive used it a couple times and it makes perfect curls and they hold forever. Plus it comes with a heat resistant glove that makes curling soooo much easier. Love and highly recommend (Posted on 2/27/13)
I love this set! The... Review by Kaylie
I love this set! The wand sizes are perfect, shipping was fast and the quality is amazing. I like that the heat is adjustable unlike most curling wands. (Posted on 1/13/13)
Titanium makes all the... Review by Chanel
Titanium makes all the difference in how long my curls last and I've able to style my hair after just 10 minutes. Use heat protectant always and make sure you use a glove while you are still learning how to use a wand. love this set and cant wait to try more NuMe products. (Posted on 12/20/12)
This set is amazing. It... Review by Lana
This set is amazing. It has the perfect wand sizes and the Titanium heats up so fast and I can finish my hair in under 20 minutes. Love the shiny appearance and quality of the set. Will be buying this for Christmas gifts. Love it and highly recommend. (Posted on 10/5/12)
This is a really good... Review by Nancy
This is a really good curling iron. I got it as a present an I wouldn't have asked for more. It doesn't damage my hair like other curlers and it allows my curls to stay in all day :) I recommend it if you are looking for a good curling wand (Posted on 10/2/12)
This is a really good... Review by Nancy
This is a really good curling iron. I got it as a present an I wouldn't have asked for more. It doesn't damage my hair like other curlers and it allows my curls to stay in all day :) I recommend it if you are looking for a good curling wand (Posted on 10/2/12)
  • NuMe's Titan 3 curling wand is 3 wands in one, featuring three high-performance, lightweight, interchangeable heat barrels. The barrels, sized 19mm, 25mm and 32mm, are made of 100% pure Titanium, while the ergonomic handle features a no-slip grip. Create long-lasting curls at the optimum temperature of 392°F while delivering Infrared Heat Therapy and Negative Ion Technology to deliver a smooth, shiny finish for healthy-looking hair. The Titan 3 also has a soft-touch finish and a digital temperature display, boasting a color-changing LED light to let you know when your wand is ready.

  • Specifications
    • Digital temperature control ranging from 122°F - 392°F (50°C - 200°C)
    • Dual-voltage 110-240V
    • 50/60Hz
    • 120W (USA) / 60W (Canada)
    • Available with the US Plug (A) only

    • Three interchangeable 100% pure titanium barrels:
    • 19mm (3/4")

      25mm (1")

      32mm (1-1/4")

    • Item dimensions: 14-1/2" x 1-3/4" x 1-3/4”
    • Barrel length: 6-1/2"
    • Handle length: 8"
    • Cord length: 8'
    • Total unit weight: 1 lb. 13 oz.

    • Utilizes the latest in digital and titanium technology
    • Infrared heat technology
    • Negative ion technology
    • Ergonomic design
    • A variety of size choices to create the most versatile curls and/or waves
    • Heat-resistant glove included
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