Magic Wands

Magic Wands

Keep curls from falling flat with these 100% pure Titanium, clipless curling wands. The bewitching power of Infrared Heat and Negative Ion Conditioning Therapy bonds style to hair for looks that will last all night.

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Magic Wands 4.8 out of 1 5 based on 36 ratings. 36 user reviews.
Love love LOVE. Review by Cate
So, I was skeptical about this wand because no curling wand has ever worked on my hair. I listened to so many beauty bloggers rave about NuMe that I finally just gave in. I received it today and used it immediately. I LOVE this wand and will use this as often as I can. I have thick, curly/wavy hair, but after this wand - it's just gorgeous waves. I can't rave about this enough! (Posted on 4/3/14)
Great Review by Leslie
It works really good! Love how fast it gets hot. The only bad thing is that it came with a little chip, other than that it works fine! (Posted on 3/29/14)
Excellent product and great bargain. Review by mariangela
I just recieve my magic wand in the post today. I must say the product looks great and easy to use. Im so impress as the curls last long, even when u sleep on it. Next day you still have this nice bouncy curl. I 100% recommend this product. its brilliant. (Posted on 3/19/14)
AMAZING Review by Lauren
My hair cannot hold a curl, it won't hold for any time over 10 minutes, but I ordered this wand and my hair holds it for 2 days straight. It is unbelievable! (Posted on 3/13/14)
AMAZED Review by Sarah
I hardly never write reviews on a product but this one I had to write about. I get so many compliments on my hair everytime I go out. I've tried other curling wands and it would take me hours however this wand curls your hair in seconds, it takes me 20 min to do my whole head and my hair is very straight and to my lower back. I orginally saw this wand on youtube watching missglamorazzi so if you would like to see how the curls come out I advise you to go watch her and see for yourself.. I would like to advise you to wear the glove I burnt my hand twice and now it left a scar :( (Posted on 3/4/14)
amazing Review by jianna
I was skeptical about buying this since my hair never properly curls. Not only does it work, but my hair stayed curly and bouncy WITHOUT a single spritz of hair product. I got a few friends to buy it. it's great and I definitely recommend it!!! (Posted on 3/2/14)
Perfect Wand! Review by Amazing!!!
I couldn't wait to receive this wand and I absolutely love it! I bought the 25mm which heats almost instantly and gives me a wavy kind of curl pattern that lasts for most of the day. I'm definitely making the 19mm my next purchase. (Posted on 2/28/14)
Great product Review by Wanida
I never really comment on any of my products that I buy but I made an account just so I could comment on this company. This is the best curling wand I have ever used!!! The shipment was so FAST! Only took 4 days to get to Australia and that's amazing! Would recommend this a 100%. However you will need an adapter ofcourse if you are not from the USA but that's not a big deal :) love it and would buy it again! (Posted on 2/28/14)
just received it Review by Andrea
Okay so i ordered the in vogue straightener and the magic wand. Took wayyyy longer than I expected to arrive in the mail. Had to email nume because I never received anything about it being shipped..... 6 days later received my shipping confirmation and then 7 more days to receive it. Works great & was hopeing to order the lustrum set but I will not be ordering anything from here again. Dont get me wrong the product is great but for the price you would expect good service and shipping right? (Posted on 2/27/14)
Amazing Review by ewklee
I have the reverse 19-25mm curling wand and holy moly, am I in love with it. The curls come out perfect and stay for hours to days until I am forced to take a shower and then my hair becomes a lifeless mess again. The only downside is with the reverse wand, I feel like it's getting a bit harder to curl since my hair's getting longer. Because the barrel is thinner and shorter (& bc I have such thick hair), I've had a hard time getting all of my hair to curl with one wrap-around. But I have no regrets purchasing the reverse wand. I'm considering getting the 32mm wand for days when my hair gets longer! (Posted on 2/27/14)
would be perfect if only.. Review by Daniela
I LOVE this wand, but the glove it comes with is not heat resistant AT ALL. I always manage to burn my finger. But i have to say, my hair is quite resistant and this tool works GREAT on it, curl holds for a long while too!! I also wish it came with a pouch.
Got this with a coupon code, but shortly after a better coupon came along for the interchangeable wand, wish i had waited!
(Posted on 2/24/14)
it really is Magic! Review by Saundra
Ive never had good hair. Always dry, too straight to be curly, and too curly to be straight. It would never hold curl for more than an hour. I bought the 25mm and the first day I used it I had never gotten so many comments on my hair. It had shine, held the curl all day, didnt take as long to create the perfect curl. I hope to buy all sizes! (Posted on 2/19/14)
Thank you baby Jesus!!!!!! Review by Aidaliz P
I want to thank Nume for making such an amazing product, I purchase the 25MM and it is the best hair tool I have ever purchased. My hair NEVER stays curled, I have tried many different brands of wands, curling irons, hot rollers…you name it and nothing has worked. Since getting my Nume wand I haven’t had to worry about my hair looking flat or loosing its curl. I now plan on buying every size wand and I am recommending Nume to everyone I know. Once again me and my fabulous hair thank you for this product!!! (Posted on 2/18/14)
I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I... Review by Isabelle
I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I purchased the 32 mm and I'm telling you- I'm never going back. I ordered it Sunday night and received it Tuesday. I got home at 9pm and curled my hair quickly because I couldn't wait to see to test it out- the curls were amazing! I literally went to bed right away because I worked the next morning at 7am. After sleeping on it, the curls still held beautifully (I have fine thin hair and I didn't use ANY products in my hair). The next day, I got lots of compliments and they couldn't believe I curled my hair the night before. I'm telling all my friends! (Posted on 11/10/13)
i love it but the only... Review by khadeeja
i love it but the only thing i don't like about it is that it doesn't have a stand. (Posted on 11/3/13)
Seriously the most... Review by Alex
Seriously the most amazing curling wand ever. I have used a few by different brands and nothing compares to this one. I have thin, very straight hair and it never holds the curls, no matter how much hair spray I use. When I used the Nume 32mm curling wand on my hair I did not even have to use hair spray. It stayed all day. I seriously am telling everyone about this product. IN LOVEEEE. I used the discount code and got dollars off. (Posted on 10/28/13)
I purchased this with a... Review by Katelyn
I purchased this with a discount from itsjudystime and I am so happy I did! I bought the 25mm black wand. It heats up quick, and it leaves your hair shiny and smooth. The curls last ALL day. Even on second day hair, they last so well!! I have extremely thick hair, and I held it on my curls (after using a heat protectant) for about 30 seconds and the curls stayed. I recommend this if you're looking for a good curling wand. (Posted on 10/15/13)
Love the wand the only... Review by Daniela
Love the wand the only thing that sucks is the heat resistant glove, it's not heat resistant at all!!! Have burnt my fingers/hands quite badly a few times. The argan oil it came with is AMAZING though, i LOVE it! (Posted on 9/24/13)
I got the 25mm wand and... Review by Tara
I got the 25mm wand and i love it so much! It gives me the most beautiful curls! Im just mad at myself because when i first curled my hair with this, i could NEVER go back! It takes kindof long because i have thick hair and i have to do that thing where i section it in half. But it is TOTALY worth it! (Posted on 9/4/13)
I am absolutely in love... Review by Caitlyn
I am absolutely in love with this curling wand! I have used several other curling wands from numerous other brands and I have never been able to achieve even a loose wave! I used this wand as soon as I received it and I couldn't be happier with the results. It gives me curls that are worthy of a superstar! NuMe definitely deserves all of the praise it has received. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product! (Posted on 8/20/13)
Love love love this... Review by starpower28
Love love love this curling iron. Before I purchased this I had bought another brand from Ulta that has a clip and is almost hte same price as this. I wasn't quite happy for the fact that the curls only last about 2 hours unlike The Magic Wand that lasts all day and the next day (or more for others) and leaves hair shiny. I burned myself a couple of times, it took me a while to get used to it but this is totally worth it. I highly recommend this product and am hoping this will last me forever. (Posted on 8/7/13)
I am in love! I have the... Review by Kamila
I am in love! I have the 25mm and the curls are so long lasting and bouncy. I dont even need to use hairspray. It leaves my hair so soft and shiny, and curling my hair does not take forever. I used to never have time in the morning, now.. I cant wait to style my hair! When I am not using my wand, I find myself going back into the box just to look at it because I am so excited for the next time I will be using it. I also love the packaging, it is so sleek and neat for travelling. I cant wait to purchase the signature blow dryer and the 30mm!! I am so happy with my nume purchase. (Posted on 7/30/13)
I just receieved it in... Review by Rae
I just receieved it in the mail today and it seems pretty good. I was expecting something that holds the curl a bit more but I still love it! I have the 32mm. The customer service was good. It took longer than expected to get here and so they sent me complimentary shampoo, conditioner, oil, and repair mask because of the hassle! I was impressed. So far so good. (Posted on 7/26/13)
I like this curling... Review by Munira
I like this curling wand, my curls last the whole day, and when I wake up, there isn't much of a curl but there's still a wave, the consistency is great, and I'm very happy with this wand! Thank you nume! Everyone should go out and buy this wand it's perfect. (Posted on 7/14/13)
Literally the best... Review by Melissa
Literally the best curling wand I have ever used. The 25mm is great at being able to give you any kind of curl. It used to take me about an hour and a half to get perfect ringlet curls. Now it takes me 20-25 minutes. No lie. You only need to wrap your hair around the wand for 3-5 seconds, even large sections! You get what you pay for! With as great ad this curling wand is, now I'm looking at blow driers and/or a straightener. Awesome job Nume!!! (Posted on 6/30/13)
Nume has done it... Review by Meisha
Nume has done it again...this curling wand is fantastic. I've seriously never had curls this beautiful and long lasting. Takes a bit of learning to get it right, but when used properly the wand gives amazing results. I have the 19mm and 25mm sizes. These are worth every penny and they definitely have found a lifelong customer in me. (Posted on 6/28/13)
I like how it doesn't... Review by Katelyn
I like how it doesn't take that long to curl my hair. I have thick, wavy hair and it takes me 15-20mins tops. It took a little long to get to me because of shipping, but I enjoy the product (Posted on 6/17/13)
OMG I LOVE THIS!!!! MUST... Review by Chee
OMG I LOVE THIS!!!! MUST HAVE!!!! Shipping was so fast and this curls my hair so quick and easy!! It lasts for a long time too. I've always had trouble with curling my hair is this does the job girls. SERIOUSLY! So worth the money! THANK YOU SO MUCH NUME!!! (Posted on 6/12/13)
Love this wand! Curls my... Review by Ryina
Love this wand! Curls my hair great! (Posted on 5/14/13)
I bought the 32mm wand... Review by Megan
I bought the 32mm wand and I love it!! My hair holds up with zero hairspray and will last a couple of days!! Definitely recommend buying this product! (Posted on 5/9/13)
This is my first curling... Review by Kasandra
This is my first curling wand, and I wish I had bought it sooner. I love that we can set the temperature to whatever works best for different hair types. It's so easy to use, and the curls are perfect! (Posted on 5/5/13)
I was so excited to get... Review by Emily
I was so excited to get this product because the other curling wand that I own is tapered and too small for my hair length. I bought the 25mm wand and it's absolutely perfect for my hair length and the look that I want. I have always had difficulty with curling my hair but this curling wand keeps my hair curled all day long and it even stays curled the next day! I love it so much and I will probably be looking into purchasing a flat iron from NuMe next! (Posted on 3/14/13)
I LOVELOVELOVE this... Review by Curlerlover
I LOVELOVELOVE this product! Its the best curler I've ever had! My hair never ever holds a curl but this one does! I love it!!! (Posted on 3/10/13)
This curling wand is... Review by Kearsten
This curling wand is amazing!! I have super thin, super straight hair that never holds a curl, not to mention I am hair illiterate! I used this for the first time over the weekend, as I atteneded a wedding! I never recieved so many compliments on my hair! Everyone was shocked I did it myself! I barely had to hold my hair around the wand before it had a great curl! (Posted on 2/13/13)
This curling iron is... Review by Greta
This curling iron is amazing!! So fast, smooths hair nicely, perfect curls or waves every time. My hair is super hard to curl and end up damaging it with most other hot irons, this one is so fast, you can let it go as soon as you've wrapped your hair around it! Love! (Posted on 1/1/13)
This is an amazing... Review by beautygirl
This is an amazing curler, I have long hair and this is the first time the wand can fit all my hair! I don't even use it on the highest heat setting, and it curls my hair in 15 minutes. Perfect product! (Posted on 12/10/12)
  • Cate
    April 3, 2014

    So, I was skeptical about this wand because no curling wand has ever worked on my hair. I listened to so many beauty bloggers rave about NuMe that I finally just gave in. I received it today and used it... Read More

    March 29, 2014

    It works really good! Love how fast it gets hot. The only bad thing is that it came with a little chip, other than that it works fine! Read More

    March 19, 2014

    I just recieve my magic wand in the post today. I must say the product looks great and easy to use. Im so impress as the curls last long, even when u sleep on it. Next day you still have... Read More

    March 13, 2014

    My hair cannot hold a curl, it won't hold for any time over 10 minutes, but I ordered this wand and my hair holds it for 2 days straight. It is unbelievable! Read More

  • The Magic Wands miraculously keep curls where you want them with 100% pure Titanium which retains and evenly distributes heat for proven, healthier styling and unbeatable shine. The Magic Wand hypnotizes curls with powerful Negative Ion Therapy to lock in style with hair’s own natural moisture. These clipless wands are perfect for fine hair’s special occasions and professional styling. Thick, course hair is mesmerized into smooth twists and turns with the curls dreams are made of.

    Titanium is as strong as steel but seemingly lighter than air. Grab on to the soft touch finish with one hand and use the included heat-resistant glove for a comfortable grasp on your style session.

    The digital display setting and LED light keep you aware of your power and when it’s time to cast a spell over style.

    Available in 19mm, 25mm, and 32mm meant for all types of curly hairstyle and hair lengths.

  • Specifications
    • Digital temperature control with color display from 140° F to 450°F (60°C to 232°C)
    • Dual voltage 110-240V 50/60Hz
    • 90W (USA) / 35W (Canada)
    • Available with the US Plug (A) only

    • Barrel diameters:
    • 19mm (3/4")

      25mm (1")

      32mm (1-1/4")

    • Barrel length: 6"
    • Item dimensions: 13-1/4 x 1-1/2 x 1-1/2"
    • Total unit weight: 1 lb. 9 oz.

    • 100% Titanium wand
    • Innovative clip-less design for crease-free curls
    • Infrared Heat Technology
    • Negative Ion Technology
    • Thin, Ergonomic design
    • Lightweight body
    • Heat-resistant glove included
    • Advanced MCH heating mechanism

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