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Your daily dose of pretty, #NuMeLoves!!!!! Dying over this full, long braid for a #Thursdate with friends!! #Braids 2 hours ago

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Though we might be a little voice in a very loud world here at NuMe Blog, we are ok with that. We continue to wrestle with thoughts and ideas, and have come to realize that there is very little black and white in this life, for as quickly as you come to believe in something, change is always there to remind you that it's a journey.

Our world is a pretty crazy place, so what, that just means we scream a little louder. It is our goal to empower girls to dream bigger, to challenge the status quo, and to never be afraid of who they are.

We jab back and forth on both big and small issues, opinions, and thoughts. From beauty advice to deeper social issues, we’ll talk about whatever happens to be on our minds. We aren’t afraid of making mistakes, but rather missing out on the learning that happens when we do.

Though we know we can’t promise change, it doesn’t mean we won’t keep trying. We can’t guarantee all the answers, but rather a place where the discussion happens. It's our hope to ask difficult questions, to move the conversation forward, to figure out what it means to be a socially conscious female empowered beauty brand, as contradictory as it may sound.

This world is at times both messy and difficult to translate, smeared with love and happiness into one giant ball of curiosity.

Topics will be tossed and words will never stop, it is our passion to have a voice in this ever-changing conversation. We believe that when you stop challenging yourself, or when you stop talking about the things that matter, you stop growing. In our eyes there’s no travesty worse than not trying.

- NuMe